Book Launch - 'Northern Australia and then some' by Mrs Gina Rinehart

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Mrs Gina Rinehart: Sustaining the benefits of Australia’s resource industry – 17/05/13

Mrs Gina Rinehart and Mr Imants Kins at Darwin launch of second edition of ‘Northern Australia and then some’ - 7/3/2013

Imants Kins interview on ABC News24 – 19/3/2014

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NT Chief Minister Terry Mills launches second edition of ‘Northern Australia and then some’ in Darwin - 7/3/2013

Mrs Gina Rinehart receives the Institute of Public Affairs Free Enterprise Leader Award 2013

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Coalition’s Draft Discussion Paper – Developing Northern Australia: A 2030 Vision

The Coalition’s Draft Discussion Paper, Developing Northern Australia: A 2030 Vision received widespread support in the days after it was reported in the media. The Business Spectator praised the Discussion Paper’s vision and foresight here and here. The paper also received support from many groups in Northern Australia, including the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Mt Isa Mayor and former State Labor MP The Hon. Cr Tony McGrady AM. The Daily Telegraph’s editorial noted America’s economic growth was driven by westward expansion and questions why Australia can’t achieve something similar developing the North.

Our response to the the Coalition’s Northern Development and Dams and Water Management Task Group Discussion Papers:

What is ANDEV?

ANDEV is made up of individuals and businesses in Australia demanding that our government welcome investment and provide economic vision for the country’s future.

We want to unleash the potential of North Australia by getting government out of the way.

ANDEV provides a voice to all of those who wish to see Northern Australia thrive.

Mrs Gina Rinehart with members of the ANDEV Executive in Kuala Lumpur after Mrs Rinehart accepted the CEO Visionary Award for 2012

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Article – Old-fashioned laws to be cut

by 25 November 2015

17 November 2015 Phoebe Wearne The West Australian

The State Government will today introduce legislation to scrap redundant laws from as long ago as 1830 as it cuts red tape in a bid to save taxpayers $150 million over five years.

Ten pieces of legislation will be abolished under the Obsolete Legislation Repeal Bill 2015, which will be introduced in State Parliament as part of Repeal Week.

The oldest is the Infants’ Property Act 1830. [...]

National Mining and Related Industries Day – Speech by Mrs. Gina Rinehart

by 25 November 2015

22 November 2015 Mrs. Gina Rinehart

Welcome to this year’s national mining and related industries day!   And, welcome to my home territory, the Pilbara! How exciting is it that the first ship for Roy Hill is sailing toward Port Hedland as we enjoyed the annual ball last night, and the first train of fine ores will be arriving into Port Hedland as we celebrate the national mining and related industries day together!   Perhaps on Mining [...]

IMARC Conference Speech Given by Mrs. Gina Rinehart

by 25 November 2015

12 November 2015 Mrs. Gina Rinehart IMARC Conference, Melbourne

“The most dangerous mindset we keep lurching towards in Australia is one that says: governments and the public service need to be watching out for us. Let me say that responsible people are just fine looking out for themselves. Indeed, in the pastoral industry for instance, much more needed investment could be made in improving machinery, vehicles, aircraft and airstrips for real safety, if less [...]

Mining Permit Blues – Jim Viets

by 23 November 2015

Song by Jim Viets launched in the Pilbara for National Mining and Related Industries Day, 22nd November 2015.

Jim Viets, lyrics and music Geoff Thompson, additional vocals Jim Kimo West, lead guitar, electric bass and audio engineering James Elliott Viets, video editing