Book Launch - 'Northern Australia and then some' by Mrs Gina Rinehart

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Mrs Gina Rinehart: Sustaining the benefits of Australia’s resource industry – 17/05/13

Mrs Gina Rinehart and Mr Imants Kins at Darwin launch of second edition of ‘Northern Australia and then some’ - 7/3/2013

Imants Kins interview on ABC News24 – 19/3/2014

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NT Chief Minister Terry Mills launches second edition of ‘Northern Australia and then some’ in Darwin - 7/3/2013

Mrs Gina Rinehart receives the Institute of Public Affairs Free Enterprise Leader Award 2013

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Coalition’s Draft Discussion Paper – Developing Northern Australia: A 2030 Vision

The Coalition’s Draft Discussion Paper, Developing Northern Australia: A 2030 Vision received widespread support in the days after it was reported in the media. The Business Spectator praised the Discussion Paper’s vision and foresight here and here. The paper also received support from many groups in Northern Australia, including the Cairns Chamber of Commerce and Mt Isa Mayor and former State Labor MP The Hon. Cr Tony McGrady AM. The Daily Telegraph’s editorial noted America’s economic growth was driven by westward expansion and questions why Australia can’t achieve something similar developing the North.

Our response to the the Coalition’s Northern Development and Dams and Water Management Task Group Discussion Papers:

What is ANDEV?

ANDEV is made up of individuals and businesses in Australia demanding that our government welcome investment and provide economic vision for the country’s future.

We want to unleash the potential of North Australia by getting government out of the way.

ANDEV provides a voice to all of those who wish to see Northern Australia thrive.

Mrs Gina Rinehart with members of the ANDEV Executive in Kuala Lumpur after Mrs Rinehart accepted the CEO Visionary Award for 2012

Talking To You (ANDEV Blog)

Article – Northern Territory resources underused: Rinehart

by 2 May 2016

2 May 2016 Neda Vanovac The Australian

Giving a keynote speech at an invitation-only investors forum in Darwin today, the chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting joined the NT government in extolling the virtues of the jurisdiction to investors, many of whom were from Asia.

The chief minister travelled to China on a trade mission last week, as the NT strives to build its own relationships in the region and to secure private investment.

The $35 billion [...]

Article – Mining mogul eyes northern Australia world’s “last great development opportunity”

by 2 May 2016

18 April 2016 Xinhua

The unexplored and untapped lands of northern Australia remain one of the world’s “last great development opportunities”, Australia’s richest person Gina Rinehart said on Monday.

Speaking in an investment forum in Darwin, Rinehart said the Northern Territory has boundless potential as it is largely unexplored, while its proximity “on the doorstep” of Asia means potential investment from leading Asian companies.

“This area is not only very friendly, but unique, and does [...]

Article – Roy Hill: a beacon of prosperity

by 18 April 2016

As Australia Week in China wraps up, Roy Hill has recently celebrated its inaugural shipment of iron ore to China.

More than 60 years after it was discovered and after much criticism from naysayers, Roy Hill is bringing Australia’s great iron ore to the world.

This is a project that saw the largest financing ever in mainland resources history.

This is a project that has benefited and involved over 50,000 people.

This is a project [...]

Article – Roll out the red carpet for business

by 18 April 2016

You want to run a business? Great! Just make sure that you comply with the endless approvals, permits, grants, reports, licenses, audits, standards, rules, codes and data requirements.

As has been pointed out by eminent businesswomen Gina Rinehart and Indian Prime Minister Modi, it’s time to roll out the red carpet for those who take a risk, invest and create jobs. Running a business should be a move that is celebrated and encouraged, not penalised.