Article – National Planning for the Northern Food Bowl – Strategic Weekly Analysis

by 28 June 2013

National consensus is needed to highlight the importance of developing Northern Australia in the ‘Asian Century’.


At a press conference on Friday 21st June, Tony Abbott released a major policy statement outlining the Coalition’s vision for Northern Australia, seen by some as a response to the government’s Australia in the Asian Century White Paper and National Food Plan and to the growing interest in Australia’s economic development beyond the mining boom.


Debate is [...]

Article – ANDEV to play role in Coalition taskforce – North Queensland Register

by 28 June 2013

AN influential private-sector business group led by billionaire Gina Rinehart will lobby to be part of a taskforce promised under an Abbott government to drive a 20-year economic plan for northern Australia. Under the plan, part of the foreign aid budget would be diverted for medi cal research and training in northern cities. The Coalition promised on Friday it would produce a white paper within 12 months of the election to set out how Australia [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 28/06/13

by 28 June 2013

The Australian

Australia’s resources sector has welcomed Kevin Rudd’s return by warning him not to consider making any changes to the mining tax, instead urging new policies to help secure productivity gains in an attempt to offset the tough market conditions created by falling commodity prices. Bill Beament, managing director of gold producer Northern Star, said the mining tax was a “disastrous policy that raised nothing and created so much uncertainty… To think you’d [...]

Article – Abbott To Pour Resources Into The North

by 27 June 2013

The Coalition is set to pour resources into the under populated north, with the Coalition announcing it plans to build major cities at Darwin, Cairns, Townsville and Karratha. There could also be relocation incentives such as income tax cuts to lure people north. The policies also look at moving Commonwealth Departments such as the CSIRO and the quarantine service from southern capitals to the north. If Tony Abbott becomes PM he says he will pack [...]

Article – Answering call of the wild north – Paul Syvret, The Courier Mail

by 26 June 2013

Grand schemes

Great open spaces of northern Australia are again calling southern politicians full of big ideas and little understanding of the land.

GO NORTH and open up our underdeveloped tracts of land that lie, waiting, pregnant with possibility.

Build us a foodbowl, centres of industry and excellence; secure our vast and gaping northern borders and put the stamp of man and progress on the closest thing the world has left to terra nullius.

It [...]

Article – Opinion “Abbott’s new frontier: vision versus reality” – The Age

by 26 June 2013

So far, the federal Opposition’s election policies have been based more on crystal ball-gazing than hard actualities. Not counting the Coalition’s vapid plan for Australia’s “directions, values and priorities”, launched by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in late January, policies have been few and far between.

In April, the Coalition announced a disappointingly short-sighted plan for the national broadband network. The following month came a cautious, yet welcome, workplace policy that offered minor reforms in lieu [...]

Article – Alice faces exclusion under Coalition plan – Bryan littlely, Centralian Advocate

by 26 June 2013

Alice Springs looks like being left desperately short of being part of “the next frontier” in Australia’s economic development if the Coalition takes power in the September federal election.

The federal Coalition has announced it will produce a white paper on the development of Northern Australia to attract billions of dollars to the region, build infrastructure and grow jobs and services if it takes government in September.

Under the plan, Northern Australia will no longer [...]

Article – Food Boom – Michael Saunders, Northern Miner

by 26 June 2013

CHARTERS Towers residents could be in line for tax breaks under an LNP Government following the Coalition’s announcement of a 17-year `vision’ for Northern Australia.

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott released the 46-page paper on the country’s north, which highlights 12 policy options a Coalition government would consider if elected to power in September this year.

Mr Abbott said, if elected, a Coalition government would produce an official White Paper on the development of Northern [...]

Article – Abbott reveals plan

by 26 June 2013

The State Government has already hopped on the food bowl bandwagon, recently granting water licences for potential producers along the Flinders River near Hughenden.

The food bowl will also involve the harnessing of water from the Burdekin River and the Ord River in Western Australia.

LNP candidate for Kennedy, Noeline Ikin, believes the Coalition’s plan will result in large benefits for the region.

“We have to capitalise on Northern Australia’s existing strengths and natural advantages [...]

Article – Abbott sidesteps Daly in Northern development plan – Ruby Jones, ABC

by 26 June 2013

Federal Opposition leader Tony Abbott says he does not plan to push for a dam to be built on the Daly River in the Northern Territory if the Liberals take power in September.

Mr Abbott has said he wants to fast-track development in northern Australia, and that includes damming some rivers and using the stored water for irrigation.

“This idea that all dams are bad all the time is just wrong; it’s a bit of [...]