North Australia Digest – 11/12/2012

by 11 December 2012

The Australian

Australia’s push to become the world’s leading exporter of liquefied natural gas threatens to lead to higher prices and a shortage of supplies locally. Demand from proposed projects may exceed the capacity of pipelines to supply sufficient gas to meet the requirements of both export and domestic markets. While there are sufficient gas reserves to meet these demands for LNG, many reserves are not developed quickly enough, which could see supply shortfalls [...]

Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart – “Changes we need to make our country rich” – Australian Resources and Investment Magazine

by 6 December 2012

Over the last few years, I have become increasingly concerned about the direction of Australia. I have written of my concerns in Australian Resources and Investment on the basis that they would not change what I was saying. With other concerned people, I also founded Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision (ANDEV), which aims for policies to invigorate our sparsely populated north has an engine for growth, revenue and opportunities.

On 22 November this [...]

Speech – On Mr. Lang Hancock – by Senator Cory Bernadi to Australian Senate

by 21 November 2012

This Thursday marks the 60th anniversary of Mr Lang Hancock’s famous flight during which he discovered enormous iron ore deposits in Western Australia. It also marks the start of a shining example of entrepreneurship and private enterprise in Australia’s history. In 1952, on a flight with his wife to Perth, Lang Hancock was forced to fly low to avoid storm clouds. In doing so, he flew low enough to spot iron ore deposits in a nearby gorge. After further investigation and a number of visits [...]

Speech – McMillan Woods Global Awards 2012 – by Mrs Gina Rinehart in Kuala Lumpur on receiving the award for “Visionary CEO of the Year”

by 19 November 2012

Good evening.

It is such a pleasure and honour to be in your country again and to receive this important award.

I am particularly pleased to be judged as the Global Visionary CEO. Thank you so much.

When we look around the world today we see too many countries in debt like my home country, Australia, and so many people yearning for leaders who have a vision of the future that captures our minds and [...]

North Australia Digest 13/11/2012

by 13 November 2012

The Australian

Fears are mounting that Woodside Petroleum may develop its $40 billion Browse energy project using floating LNG technology, after the company dismantled its work compound at James Price Point in the Kimberley. The move comes as Woodside evaluates the tender bids for construction of the Browse project amid estimates that cost of a greenfields project in the Kimberley is likely to be prohibitive.

Speaking at the Origin Energy AGM, Managing Director Grant [...]

North Australia Digest – 7/11/12

by 7 November 2012

Australian Financial Review

Former V-P regional development of Oyu Tolgoi, David Paterson says the Asian White Century report tells a compelling story about the economic opportunities for Australian companies from the growing demand for minerals: ‘In addition to growing demand for mineral products in Asia, mineral production in Asia will rise…there is significant potential for increased mineral extraction in the future’.

The Australian

Julia Gillard is staring down heightened pressure to ban live [...]

North Australia Digest – 19/10/12

by 19 October 2012

The Australian

The Australian also report on the dangers of China’s slowing economy in dragging down commodity prices, particularly iron ore.

Mount Gibson to slash 270 jobs in response to volatile market conditions in the mining sector

The Financial Review

ANZ banking group has said that Australia’s agricultural industry requires massive injections of capital in order to take advantage of Asia’s increased demand for cereal and meat exports as the region becomes [...]

North Australia Digest – 20/09/12

by 20 September 2012

Here is a digest of today’s major stories that impact North Australia:

The Financial Review 

Ross Garnaut has warned Australians to prepare for a living standards ‘bust’ as the resources boom gives way to falling export prices and a slump in mining development.

An influential Chinese insider says Australia must prepare for falling demand for coal and iron ore as the world’s second-biggest economy undergoes structural changes.

BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining [...]

Welcome to the new Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision blog!

by 5 June 2012

Welcome to our new website and to our new blog. On this blog and website, we want to give you an opportunity to participate in building and shaping our future.

63% of Australians think North Australia will benefit from more people

by 25 May 2012

In a landmark Newspoll conducted exclusively for the Institute of Public Affairs, 63% of Australians said that increasing the population of North Australia would be a good thing for the area.