This is big: Christian Porter supports Northern SEZ

by 14 September 2012

Christian Porter, former WA Treasurer and Attorney General, has come out in favor of a Special Economic Zone in North Australia.

Earlier this week, the federal Liberal candidate for Pearce highlighted that tax rebates had been successfully used in 1945 to grow the North West Western Australian resources sector.

Mr Porter’s speech was a strong endorsement of the comments made by ANDEV Chairman Mrs Gina Rinehart last week. Mrs Rinehart renewed calls for a [...]

Foreign investment debate needs a dose of maturity

by 14 September 2012

The controversy that has followed the conditional sale of Cubbie Station is indicative of the immature debate that surrounds foreign ownership in Australia. This aversion must be overcome if Australia, particularly the north, is to reach its potential, particularly in agriculture.

Those opposed to the sale point to value of the property and the vastness of its water capacity and entitlements. However, they fail to propose a viable alternative for the future of the property [...]

Unemployed Greeks seek opportunities in Darwin

by 27 May 2012

There are reports emerging since the weekend that Darwin is seeing an influx of Greek migrants fleeing the debt-ridden eurozone economy in search of new economic opportunities for themselves and their families.

63% of Australians think North Australia will benefit from more people

by 25 May 2012

In a landmark Newspoll conducted exclusively for the Institute of Public Affairs, 63% of Australians said that increasing the population of North Australia would be a good thing for the area.

BHP sounds the same warning as ANDEV

by 17 May 2012

BHP Billiton Chairman Jac Nasser has confirmed what Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision has been saying for over eighteen months.