A roadmap for Western Australia. Kick-starting our economy.

by 27 June 2020

Proof East shuns WA’s hard work

by 17 June 2020

Happy West Australia Day!

by 1 June 2020

Tape-slashing business taskforce to be appointed if CLP takes office

by 23 May 2020

Article by Madura McCormack courtesy of the Northern Territory News

Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro will today reveal the party plans a ‘can do’ approvals fast-track taskforce as a matter of priority to advise the Government how it can halve approval waiting times and streamline processes.

A WHIP-CRACKING taskforce will be created to cut red and green tape in the NT and halve approval time frames for business and industries if the CLP takes government at [...]

Red-tape removal ‘key to growth’

by 20 May 2020

Article by Rosie Lewis.

Industry and Science Minister Karen Andrews has issued a call to arms to the states and territories to cut red tape and encourage project approvals or upgrades to help Australia recover from the coronavirus crisis. In an address to the National Press Club on Wednesday, Ms Andrews will also reject any push to nationalise industries or create government-owned entities, saying that history has proven “the folly of that approach” . [...]

Economic reforms key for WA growth

by 20 May 2020

Article by Dean Nalder – WA Shadow Treasurer

Now more than ever, WA needs to undertake significant economic reform to create jobs quickly and stimulate a fragile economy. It’s worth remembering that before COVID-19 , our domestic economy was fragile at best. Recent events have done even more economic damage making it now imperative to: › Cut energy costs for businesses and households; › Reform inefficient taxes and charges like stamp duty; › Increase spending [...]

WA mining ‘saved the national economy’

by 29 April 2020


Article by Sarah Ison courtesy of the West Australian

So many opportunities

by 29 April 2020

Excerpt article by Alan Jones courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

Gina Rinehart had to get over 4000 regulatory approvals — permits, licenses, you name it, over 4000. How can we seriously talk about productivity? Yet the opportunities are out there, waiting for us. We just lack the vision, I hate the word, and the will to grab these opportunities by the throat. Central to our future must be water Every impediment is placed in the [...]

Anzac Day | Lest we forget

by 25 April 2020

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Sky News: US investment and improved technology key to the success of business in Australia

by 24 April 2020

































Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart says she would like to see Australia “welcome US investment” to improve the “sustainability, safety, productivity and competitiveness” of Australian businesses. Ms Rinehart said she initially needed “to borrow more than US seven billion [...]