Briefing Note – Global Food Forum

23 April 2013

The Australian – with support from Visy and The Wall Street Journal – presented a day long conference focused on food security in Melbourne on Thursday the 18th of April.

Key Points:

-          Australia is perfectly placed to benefit from rapid economic growth in Asia and the changing eating habits of their growing middle class

-          Northern Australia has the potential to play a pivotal role in increasing Australia’s agricultural export capacity

-          Creating an [...]

Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart – “Changes we need to make our country rich” – Australian Resources and Investment Magazine

7 December 2012

Over the last few years, I have become increasingly concerned about the direction of Australia. I have written of my concerns in Australian Resources and Investment on the basis that they would not change what I was saying. With other concerned people, I also founded Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision (ANDEV), which aims for policies to invigorate our sparsely populated north has an engine for growth, revenue and opportunities.

On 22 November this [...]

Speech – On Mr. Lang Hancock – by Senator Cory Bernadi to Australian Senate

21 November 2012

This Thursday marks the 60th anniversary of Mr Lang Hancock’s famous flight during which he discovered enormous iron ore deposits in Western Australia. It also marks the start of a shining example of entrepreneurship and private enterprise in Australia’s history. In 1952, on a flight with his wife to Perth, Lang Hancock was forced to fly low to avoid storm clouds. In doing so, he flew low enough to spot iron ore deposits in a nearby gorge. After further investigation and a number of visits [...]

Speech – McMillan Woods Global Awards 2012 – by Mrs Gina Rinehart in Kuala Lumpur on receiving the award for “Visionary CEO of the Year”

5 November 2012

Good evening.

It is such a pleasure and honour to be in your country again and to receive this important award.

I am particularly pleased to be judged as the Global Visionary CEO. Thank you so much.

When we look around the world today we see too many countries in debt like my home country, Australia, and so many people yearning for leaders who have a vision of the future that captures our minds and [...]

North Australia Briefing Paper – Australia in the Asian Century

30 October 2012

John Shipp, Institute of Public Affairs

Executive Summary

The Commonwealth government’s Australia in the Asian Century White Paper 2012 acknowledges Northern Australia’s central role in the Asian Century:

“With resources investment and production continuing to expand for some time, northern Australia is likely to account for an increasing proportion of Australia’s production and labour demand.” (Asian Century White Paper (2012), p. 117)

“Regional Australia is home to around one-third of our population. Primary industries, which are concentrated in [...]

Speech – National Party Annual Conference 2012 – by Mr Tad Watroba, Executive Director of Queensland Coal Investments –

15 September 2012


Party President, Federal Leader of the Nationals and the next Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, the Honourable Warren Truss, Nationals Senate Leader, Barnaby Joyce, Premier of Queensland, Campbell Newman, Deputy Premier of New South Wales, Andrew Stoner; distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for your very warm welcome and thank you for the invitation to [...]

Transcript – The Bolt Report with Andrew Bolt – Channel 10

9 September 2012

E & OE

 Andrew Bolt:

I won’t defend Gina Rinehart. She’s a miner rich enough to look after herself.

Anyway, critics who play the man would say I’m just doing it because she owns some of Network Ten.

But that’s what gets me.

People who answer serious argument with smears and with lies and what really gets me is when those people are our government.

Take this week. Rinehart gave a [...]

Speech – AMEC AWARDS DINNER – by Mrs Gina Rinehart

5 September 2012

AMEC AWARDS DINNER – Wednesday 5 September 2012

Many years ago my father, Lang Hancock, actively encouraged the formation of AMEC.  He knew that Australia needed a voice, an organisation to stand up for our industry, promote our interests and assist our industry, an industry greatly important for our State and country and its welfare.

We need people, and we have some who are prepared to be unpopular, or very unpopular, in [...]

CHOGM address by Mrs Gina Rinehart – Commonwealth Business Forum

23 August 2012



Distinguished guests and friends.

Today I intend to outline very briefly, as excellent speakers before me have also given their views on this, our current economic situation, speak about the challenges facing us as a nation and also mention the opportunity before us to transform ourselves into a growing business hub for this century, should we [...]

Address by Mrs Gina Rineheart – BOAO Forum Welcome Lunch

23 August 2012

The Honourable Mr Fukuda, Former Prime Minister of Japan and Chairman of the Boao Board; Distinguished Vice-Chairman Zeng and Madam Tang, Secretary General of the BOAO Forum Mr Jo; Distinguished Directors of the Boao Board; His Excellency Mr Chen Yuming, Chinese Ambassador to Australia, the Hon Premier of West Australia, the Honourable Colin Barnett, Ministers, future ministers, Distinguished guests and friends.

A very warm welcome to all today.

A few years ago my [...]