The “Long Boom” Begins: Northern Development in 1950’s Australia

by 21 February 2014

21 February 2014 Kerriann Lock

The 1949 election of Robert Menzies as Prime Minister ushered in the “long boom” – over two decades of development, economic growth, low unemployment rates, and rising standards of living. All Australians, including those working and residing in the North, were able to benefit from the newly-created Department of Trade, which negotiated several key agreements with export partners that boosted overseas market earnings, particularly in the agricultural sector.

Agricultural Advances


Abbott will put UAV drones in Northern Australia

by 25 September 2012

Earlier today, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott outlined a promising plan for a stronger military presence in northern Australia in a speech to the RSL national conference in Sydney. Mr Abbott stated that a coalition government would immediately begin the process of “acquiring state-of-the-art unmanned aircraft” as part of a move to increase spending on Australia’s Defence Force.

The Coalition plans to deploy what are commonly known as drones in Northern Australia.

It is refreshing [...]

When will North-West Australia have a permanent naval base?

by 30 June 2012

Australia’s North West Coast continues to be left devoid of any permanent naval bases despite being home to so much of the nation’s natural wealth.