Northern food bowl has economic and humanitarian benefits

by 28 December 2012

A report released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade last week echoes what ANDEV has been saying for over two years. Titled Feeding the Future, the report focuses on the need for Australia to lift agricultural production and development across the North.

Australia currently produces enough food to feed 60 million people, but could feed up to 120 million if parts of Northern Australia were opened up to large scale irrigated agriculture, making [...]

Foreign investment debate needs a dose of maturity

by 14 September 2012

The controversy that has followed the conditional sale of Cubbie Station is indicative of the immature debate that surrounds foreign ownership in Australia. This aversion must be overcome if Australia, particularly the north, is to reach its potential, particularly in agriculture.

Those opposed to the sale point to value of the property and the vastness of its water capacity and entitlements. However, they fail to propose a viable alternative for the future of the property [...]

National Food Plan lacks vision for northern agriculture

by 27 July 2012

The National Food Plan green paper released last Tuesday shows that the federal government is completely lacking in vision when it comes to Northern Australia. Released earlier this month, the paper again ignored any possibility of developing the region’s agricultural potential, which could feed a growing Asian population to our north.