Release land to increase housing affordability

by 6 May 2013

Many Northern Australian mining regions have become victims of their own success when it comes to housing affordability. However, the large scale displacement of local communities that substantial increases bring can be avoided by simply releasing more land for development.

It is a fundamental principle that limiting supply of a good will raise prices. Nowhere is this truer than in housing. After over a decade of rental and housing increases WA’s LandCorp has finally begun [...]

Unemployed Greeks seek opportunities in Darwin

by 27 May 2012

There are reports emerging since the weekend that Darwin is seeing an influx of Greek migrants fleeing the debt-ridden eurozone economy in search of new economic opportunities for themselves and their families.

63% of Australians think North Australia will benefit from more people

by 25 May 2012

In a landmark Newspoll conducted exclusively for the Institute of Public Affairs, 63% of Australians said that increasing the population of North Australia would be a good thing for the area.