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Voice of the North

This is very much a story about geography and identity and difference. It’s about people who are proud of where they come from and the Australian-ness of their domain. These are, in many ways, the forgotten people of Australia. Forgotten by the vast majority of Australians, particularly those who live in the cities.

For many who live in the South there seems to be a reluctance to look up – up to the Pilbara and Kimberley, the Top End, and Far North Queensland, where so much potential stills remains dormant. And those who live in the North can see that this is still the land of opportunities. Trouble is, the people making decisions about whether or not these opportunities will be developed live in the big cities. And that’s not good – for North Australians or Australians in general.

What can be done?

North Australians are not, as yet, connected by any common term or label. They do not have an identity to which they all aspire. They simply live in the northern parts of Australia and suffer similar levels of neglect.

So wouldn’t it be good to have a banner that we, as a designated region, can all stand under. A banner that unites us, not against the rest of Australia, because we’re as patriotic as they come. But united as a group that lives above the 32nd parallel – in the heat and the dust and the big wet that the rest of you just can’t imagine or comprehend.

What so many Aussies don’t get is that we live in a different world, even though we live under the same flag.

A banner would be good, but what would be even better would be a voice. Trouble is we haven’t got a voice! Not a single, united voice, loud enough to be heard in all those places where our rules and regulations are made. Made by politicians of all persuasions along with bureaucrats who don’t know us, don’t know what life is like up here, don’t realise there’s a big difference between us, and probably don’t even care about us enough to listen, to consult us, to let us make more decisions for ourselves.

What’s it like to be a North Australian? It’s not all bad. But it’s not all good either. When it comes to the people governing us, many of us feel neglected. Because our governments don’t live up here they don’t take our special circumstances into account when they make the rules and regulations that govern us.

It all boils down to this:

Few politicians are listening to North Australia!

We need to tell our leaders that we need their support, but the support we want is to help us stand on our own two feet.

What we want will positively affect most (if not all) Australians, because the freer we are the more self-reliant we in the north become.

More than anything, we need people who care enough about the long-term future of this underdeveloped part of Australia to speak up about the issues.

If you believe we need a voice, become a Voice of the North! Because together we speak louder.