North Australia Weekly Digest – 29/04/2013

by 29 April 2013

The Australian

The delay and cancellation of major mining projects has led to a long-term decline in engineering projects in Australia. A BIS Shrapnel report to be released today into the future of engineering construction in Australia has warned that the boom in large-scale civil projects feeding off mining is over. “Over the past decade we have witnessed one of the biggest booms in investment in civil infrastructure this country has ever seen. Total [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 23/04/2013

by 22 April 2013

Here is a digest of the major stories impacting Northern Australia over the last week:

The Australian

Opposition resources spokesman Ian Macfarlane has criticised high labour costs and the soaring Australian dollar, saying they contributed to Woodside Petroleum’s decision to shelve its Browse LNG project. “When a cook on an oil rig in Western Australia gets upwards of $290,000 a year, I think the inevitable was going to happen with James Price Point,” he said. [...]

Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart – “Rupert Murdoch’s outstanding address” – Quadrant Online

by 19 April 2013

There is a day I enjoyed a few days ago, April 4, 2013, that perhaps your readers would find of interest.

Briefly, it started in Tokyo, where I had a very good meeting with senior executives, who told me they were pleased they expected Australia would this year be coming out of years of poor government, years that have not developed a good image for our country. Being my executives’ and my first visit to [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 12/04/2013

by 12 April 2013

The Australian

BHP Billiton chairman Jac Nasser has said Australia can secure investment and job creation over the next decade if tax and workplace relations policies allow it to do so. “Australia’s resources underpin the once-in-a-century urbanisation and industrialisation of countries like China and India and from a demand perspective the outlook for the industry remains positive,” Mr Nasser said. “But the reality is we are facing a new generation of stronger, smarter competitors… [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 02/04/2013

by 8 April 2013

The Australian

In this opinion piece, Adam Creighton highlights the fantastic level of growth that has occurred in the Northern Territory over  the last couple of years. However, he says  “the prospect of Coalition governments at both territory and commonwealth levels, Asia’s growing wealth, and growing community support for a big NT present the most favourable climate yet for development.”

China’s ongoing interest in investing in Australia’s resources sector is waning according to [...]

Transcript – Imants Kins, ANDEV Co-Chair – ABC Darwin 03/04/13

by 8 April 2013

Presenter:                   ANDEV, when you go to their website, has a range of discussions for you to read. As I’ve mentioned it is Gina Rinehart who is really the driving force behind the organisation but it is made up of a range of individuals and businesses in Australia demanding that our government welcome investment and provide economic vision for our country’s future. It is also co-chaired by this chap, he is our guest, Imants Kins. Imants [...]

Media Release – ANDEV backs Adam Giles’ efforts to develop Northern Australia

by 8 April 2013

Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision (ANDEV) has strongly supported the formation of a select group of ministers and experts appointed by Northern Territory Chief Minister Adam Giles. The Cabinet sub-committee has been formed to progress growth in the Northern Territory economy with a focus on mining, energy, tourism, education, food and exports.

ANDEV Chairman Mrs Gina Rinehart came out in support of the NT Government saying, “The NT Government has a ‘can do’ [...]

Article – Southern red tape hobbles Top End’s great leap forward, by Adam Creighton

by 6 April 2013

Published in  The Australian on 06/04/13

In one sense Australia’s remote Northern Territory is enjoying an economic boom more impressive than Western Australia’s. The Top End’s economy grew by about 30 per cent last year, four times as fast as China’s or WA’s, and almost 10 times faster than Australia’s.

Yet the stellar statistic stems from the Territory’s minuscule size. Despite making up around a fifth of the Australian landmass, it is barely home to [...]

Blog Post – Rupert Murdoch speaks out in favour of Northern Development

by 3 April 2013

In a huge show of support for ANDEV’s vision, Rupert Murdoch has come out in strong support of Northern Development.

Speaking in Darwin, where he is meeting with Chief Minister Adam Giles and staff of the NT News, he said he felt a sense of ‘great excitement’ surrounding the potential growth across the underdeveloped, underpopulated region. His statements echo what the Institute of Public Affairs and ANDEV have been saying for over two years. It [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 02/04/2013

by 2 April 2013

The Australian

The resources industry has warned that the “uninformed rhetoric” surrounding coal and liquefied natural gas developments near the Great Barrier Reef could ultimately damage the national economy while providing little in the way of additional environmental benefit. Ports Australia chief executive David Anderson said the federal government-commissioned review into the impact of resources projects on the reef was not backed up by good scientific evidence or an objective analysis, stating that the [...]