Record-breaking year for WA resources sector but ‘nature positive’ reforms threaten to derail growth and jobs

WA’s powerhouse resources sector pumped a record $77 billion into the State economy last year and accounted for one-fifth of company tax paid across the entire country.

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Don’t Dump Mining Money

In the State Budget, royalties contributed over $12bn in 2022-23. Mining represents around one-third of State Government revenue. Federally, ATO data reveals that the mining industry contributes more than $40bn in company tax — around 5 per cent of ALL company tax paid in Australia in the 2021-22 financial year. This remarkable contribution should not just be seen in terms of abstract numbers. Mining not only represents jobs and growing wealth, it also represent money for schools and hospitals, defence funding, investment in new roads and other infrastructure, and on and on.

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14 November 2023.

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How one family helped to shape WA | The untold history of Western Australia

The modern history of the Hancocks is well known but earlier generations also had a big impact on our State’s development It is quite a picture. The striking white horses kick up dust as they work in unison to pull the coach through the WA outback. Five men sit atop the coach and a lone rider keeps pace alongside. The photo presents a fascinating reminder of how once supplies, mail and people were carried across vast stretches of WA.

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Regions play to resources’ strengths

WHEN Prime Minister Anthony Albanese took his full ministry to Port Hedland in February, the focus was on the importance of the resources sector. It was an opportunity for Mr Albanese and his east coast colleagues to see first-hand the enormous scale of iron ore export operations from the port. Port Hedland Mayor Peter Carter had a more complex agenda. “We have always maintained that Port Hedland is an economic powerhouse for our nation, but we also face numerous challenges as we try to prosper as a community,” Mr Carter said. Mr Carter welcomed the prime minister’s announcement that $565 million would be invested into Pilbara ports but said this needed to be supported by investment in social infrastructure. “The state and nation need a thriving port to drive our economy, but the port also needs a thriving Hedland to succeed,” Mr Carter said.

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News Australians are ready, willing, and able to work – let them!

Currently, only 3 per cent of pensioners work in Australia, compared to 25 per cent in New Zealand. This is not because pensioners in Australia do not want to work. Research has shown that around one in five want to work, but do not, because of unfair tax and red tape barriers.The solution is to follow New Zealand’s approach by removing all red tape on pensioners, students, and veterans. This would mean that these Australians could earn as much income as they would want, without losing their pension payments or welfare benefits. Of course, they would still pay income tax like every other Australian worker. Removing all red-tape and barriers for Australian pensioners, veterans, and students to get back into the workforce, without suffering significant financial penalties, is a simple and effective policy measure that is good for them and good for our nation. More Australians working means higher government revenue through income tax, GST, and payroll tax, which can be reinvested into infrastructure and used to pay down our debt.

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Media Release | The Hon Madeleine King MP | Support for WA rare earths project to boost jobs and commitment to net zero

17 January 2023.

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A further $100 million commitment by Hancock Group to benefit West Australians

22 November 2022.

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Industry fumes over secret Qld environment amendment bill

“It can take years, if not decades, for exploration companies to gain approvals to explore to get minerals and commodities out of the ground and transported to customers, so maintaining long-term confidence in our sector is essential for investors to make long-term decisions.” QUEENSLAND miners are growing increasingly fearful that the state government is embarking on decisions that may impact the sovereign risk of resources projects without due consultation after it has been revealed a bill is being prepared that will allow mining project approvals to be retrospectively retracted or changed. “Without consistent and successful exploration, and the confidence of domestic and international investors, there is no Queensland resources industry,” he said.

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Australian mining is critical to nation’s future

The mining industry is the backbone of the Australian economy paying the highest average wages and contributing billions in taxes and royalties each year. The industry continues to pay the highest on average wages, the most company tax, delivers the most export revenue and was critical to supporting regions and communities, including providing 1.1 million jobs in the mining, mining equipment, technology and services sector.

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