Gina Rinehart renews red tape warning for new mining projects as Atlas Iron profit skyrockets

“The importance of mining to Australia has never been more evident than during the 2020/21 financial year, a time in which I am immensely proud of Atlas and our people and their contribution to safeguarding the economic prosperity of West Australia and Australia,” Ms Rinehart said. “The mining industries and the businesses they support help to support millions of Australians right across the country. “When mining does well, so does Australia. We just have to remember that Australia exports its ore internationally, so we have to be cost competitive internationally, hence we should be wary of onerous government cost burdens, that don’t encourage investment.

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Twiggy’s rebate idea dead

But Mr Littleproud, said the proposal was dangerous and didn’t make sense. He said diesel users who didn’t use public roads should not have to fork out the excise to pay for maintaining them. “Why would you constrain an industry? Why would you take away its competitiveness and effectively take away its jobs? “And while Twiggy might be able to afford it, I don’t know whether every Australian out there that’s employed by some of these other industries can afford it and will want to see their jobs go because we’re not competitive.” Miners and farmers also slammed the proposal, saying it would cost investment and jobs because there is no widely available substitute fuel to power their operations.

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Industry ridicules Twiggy Forrest idea to divert diesel rebate into hydrogen

“Fuel tax credits exist to fix a serious distortion in the tax system,” Mr Mahar said. “Taxing farmers every time they start their tractor, pump or generator makes no sense. The proposal would apply a road user charge to fuel use that happens off-road in the paddock, on the water or even in hospitals. Agriculture Minister David Littleproud also ridiculed the idea and said the government had “no means in which we’re considering removing the fuel excise rebate.” “Twiggy Forrest is giving plenty of gratuitous advice from the sidelines and he’s been running around the world cashing a lot of Fortescue checks on hydrogen,” Mr Littleproud said.

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Australian resources and energy keep export dollars flowing

“These latest quarterly figures show Australia’s resources are the gifts that keep on giving,” Minister Pitt said. “Our resources exports continue to bring hundreds of billions of dollars into the country and keep thousands of Australians in high-value, high-skilled jobs – particularly in regional Australia. “Just as iron ore’s incredibly strong run cools, soaring demand for our coal and liquefied natural gas is fuelling a surge in export revenues.

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Unlike many other countries, Australia has enjoyed an abundance of coal and more recently gas to provide a considerable chunk of its energy needs. But in the global push to decarbonise and the widely accepted goal of net zero by 2050, the fossil fuels we have traditionally relied on have become part of the problem. While renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydro, supported by batteries, are seen as playing a greater role in Australia’s new energy mix, providing reliable baseload power without fossil fuels remains a conundrum. And that’s where advocates of nuclear power come in.

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Santos battles with Forrest on hydrogen

Santos has fired back at Andrew Forrest, saying the cost of green hydrogen from the billionaire’s Port Kembla plant will be nearly three times higher than hydrogen sourced from the gas producer’s Moomba hub in South Australia’s Cooper Basin.

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Latest resources figures show WA dominance

Premier Mark McGowan congratulated the industry on a successful battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. “Our efforts to crush the virus quickly and keep our economy and mining industry open has not only benefited Western Australians but the nation more broadly, with WA continuing to provide the largest per capita financial contribution to the Federation,” he said.

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Timely call to arms for Libs to take the tough decisions

The book Australia Tomorrow’s just launched. Please find a few short excerpts below from Mrs Gina Rinehart’s included essay.
“Agriculture, mining, small businesses, investment and defence are the keys to our nation and our future,” Rinehart observes. “We need our government to stop making decisions influenced by the media of the moment and instead act to make the bold decisions our country needs.” Focusing on the need to eliminate red and green tape, Rinehart reveals her Roy Hill iron ore mine was forced to comply with 4000 pieces of regulation before construction could begin – yes, 4000. The mining billionaire also takes a powerful stand in support of our veterans, slamming their treatment at the hands of government, and showing displeasure at the handling of war crimes allegations. “Given all the serious challenges we face as a country, it was shocking for many good Australians to see the Defence Department order our military to divert to holding rainbow teas and to strip 3000 of our most highly trained military personnel of their medals,” Rinehart writes.

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PNG Government Grants Special Economic Zone status to Central Cement and Lime Project

Managing Director Paul Mulder said “I greatly appreciate the leadership of the PNG Prime Minister & Minister for
Bougainville Affairs & Defence, Hon. James Marape, in the establishment of this SEZ, as it sets the right conditions for
large scale investment to thrive and catalyse down-stream processing in the SEZ that will particularly benefit the
people and the manufacturing industry in PNG.”

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Approvals reform can protect natural assets & boost economy

The Minerals Council of Australia estimates that the EPBC process can cost companies developing greenfield resource projects up to $47 million every month. Professor Samuel recommended the job-destroying duplication should be addressed by improving, strengthening, and streamlining the capacity of the Federal Government to delegate approval functions to State governments.
It’s time to get on with reforms to better protect natural assets and deliver a needed boost for our economy.

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