Article – Pulled every which way

by 8 July 2013

The Australian Financial Review 29 June 2013 Capital idea Brian Toohey

Ideas count a lot more in today’s multi-faceted Coalition parties than in Labor. Which is why Tony Abbott will be pulled a dozen different directions, even if he achieves a comfortable election victory. Although a clear win should help him put his own stamp on the party as a new Coalition prime minister, it will also encourage many parliamentary colleagues to push him to [...]

Article – Bright Sparkes: North will grow – without Abbott’s help

by 8 July 2013

Townsville Bulletin 28 June 2013 By David Sparkes

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott’s announcement last week about his vision to develop Northern Australia received virtually no scrutiny from the Federal Government, which was busy eating itself alive.

That is a pity, because a genuine interrogation of Mr Abbott’s policy would have shown it to be a bit of a joke.

Not that northern Australian lacks potential for further development.

Clearly, it has that potential.

The problem [...]

Article – Abbott’s Northern Australian idea: grand vision or folly?

by 8 July 2013

On Line Opinion By Murray Hunter Posted Friday, 28 June 2013

Today, Northern Australia is a vast relatively unpopulated region of undisturbed savanna, desert, mangrove coast lines, and tropical rain forest, spanning from Karratha in North-Western Australia, across the Northern Territory, and incorporating far North Queensland.

At a press conference last Friday 21st June in Townsville, North Queensland, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott released his 3rd major policy statement for the upcoming election in September [...]