Article – We need a smarter debate on developing northern Australia

by 31 January 2014

13 August 2013 Andrew Campbell The Conversation

The Coalition’s 2030 Vision for Developing Northern Australia invokes romantic notions of Australia’s pioneering past, describing the north as no longer the “last frontier” but the “next frontier”.

Calls for a northern food bowl to double Australia’s food production appear to resonate with both major parties. And both seem sympathetic to new irrigation schemes fed from dams and groundwater pumping.

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Video – The miracle of Hong Kong

by 31 January 2014

9 July 2013 Agrincourt

From the documentary Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story (Channel 4, 2010), in which Martin Durkin explains the full extent of the financial mess the UK is in and presents his argument of what needs to be done to make the economy boom again.

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Article – Eliza Brown to form Joyce’’s new Agricultural Industry Advisory Council

by 30 January 2014

29 January 2014 Rob Harris Weekly Times Now

VICTORIAN winemaker Eliza Brown will form part of Barnaby Joyce’’s new Agricultural Industry Advisory Council.

The chief executive officer of All Saints Estate and St Leonard’s Vineyard was today announced as the sole Victorian representative on the 10-person panel.

The Federal Agriculture Minister said the panel formed part of the government’s commitment to “listening to industry, to following through and working in partnership with agricultural industries”.

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Article – Infrastructure deficit puts us on a road to nowhere

by 30 January 2014

30 January 2014 Alan Kohler The Drum

There’s every indication we are approaching a national emergency when it comes to infrastructure, writes Alan Kohler.

One of Australia’s many political ironies is that the national effort to Stop The Boats has disguised an immigration boom.

Immigration has increased five-fold since the Howard Government came to office and with a big increase in births over the past ten years, in part also due to Howard [...]

Article – Prosperity pointers signal West’s the best

by 30 January 2014

30 January 2014 Adam Creighton The Australian

OTHER states should try to emulate Western Australia, the nation’s most free state and most likely to generate prosperity, says an unprecedented analysis that ranks the six states based on the scope and size of government.

The 2014 Economics Freedom Index, which contrasts the states based on government spending, welfare dependency tax, debt and regulatory burden, puts NSW second and Tasmania last.

“Western Australia is the [...]

Article – Will Economic Zones Lift Japan’s Growth?

by 29 January 2014

28 January 2014 Matthew Circosta Moody’s Analytics

The success of Japan’s new economic zones hinges on the implementation of much-needed reforms in healthcare, agriculture, and the labour market. Building restrictions have been eased, but lowering corporate tax rates creates challenges. Japan can look to Shenzhen as a guide for a successful economic zone.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to establish “special economic zones” provides a test for his broader reform agenda, and ultimately, whether [...]

Article – Port congestion shrinks Canada wheat crop

by 28 January 2014

Northern development MUST include appropriate infrastructure projects.

28 January 2014 Warwick Long ABC Rural

Canada is forecasting a much smaller wheat crop next season because it can’t move last season’s harvest.

A record 37.5 million tonnes was harvested last season, but that is set to fall by as much as a quarter as rail infrastructure struggles to cope with the abundance of grain.

There’s speculation Australian grain sellers will pick up extra contracts [...]

Media Release – Workforce figures show development vital for Northern Australia

by 28 January 2014

27 January 2014 Office of Senator Ian Macdonald

The urgent need for the real development of Northern Australia has been highlighted by the recently released employment figures according to North Queensland based Senator Ian Macdonald.

According to a report released this week by regional economist Colin Dwyer, official December 2013 figures show the Northern & North West regions workforce fell by 4,400 in December 2013.  The region is now running over 9,000 jobs below its [...]

Article – Let’s not be too hasty in rejecting northern development

by 28 January 2014

18 August 2013 Sinclair Davidson, Professor of Institutional Economics at RMIT University The Conversation

In the early noughties former Labor leader Kim Beazley suggested that he’d like to see the unemployment rate with a ‘5’ in front of it. At the time this was considered a huge faux pas.

At the time he had no specific ideas as to bring this about, and no costed policies either.

As it turns out we do now have [...]

Article – Southeast Kentucky’s Promise Zone officially announced by President Obama

by 28 January 2014

9 January 2014 James R. Carroll Courier Journal

A new special economic development zone for eight high-poverty counties in southeastern Kentucky announced by President Barack Obama on Thursday can be a key part a broad strategy to reverse decades of distress in the region.

That’s the hope of community leaders and public officials.

But they cautioned that the problems are deeply rooted and will require considerable time to change.

“This is a tough area we’re [...]