Article – Trusting citizens is essence of reforms: PM Narendra Modi

by 13 July 2015

23 June 2015 The Economic Times

NEW DELHI: Trusting citizens, including the corporate ones, is the essence of reforms, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said, emphasising this is the basis for effecting the transition from ‘red tape’ to ‘red carpet’.

“The industry of red tape thrives on doubt. The road with the red carpet is built on trust,” he said here while releasing a book ‘Red Tape to Red Carpet… and then some’ authored by Gina Rinehart, Chairperson of the [...]

Article – China backs Northern Australia Asia foodbowl push

by 8 July 2015

18 June 2015 John Kerin Australian Financial Review

China has backed turning northern Australia in to a food bowl for Asia saying the free trade deal will aid Chinese investment in farms in the region.

In a briefing on the implications of the deal with Chinese and Australian media at the Chinese embassy in Canberra, Chinese Vice Minister of Commerce Wang Showen said Bejing saw opportunities in Australia’s north primarily in agriculture, food processing and infrastructure.

“Indeed [...]

Article – The White Paper Priority Push for Rail Line

by 8 July 2015

20 June 2015 Anthony Galloway Townsville Bulletin

A NEW rail line bypassing the city via Stuart could be built as part of the Abbott Government’s plan for northern Australia.

Building the Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor (TEARC) and improving water infrastructure on the Burdekin River will be among a list of priorities the region will submit to the Government.

The Government has committed to a pre-feasibility study into expanding the Townsville-Mount Isa rail line as [...]

Article – China backs northern Australia plan

by 8 July 2015

19 June 2015 Mark Ludlow and John Kerin Queensland Country Life

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has pledged $1.2 billion in new money for roads and dams and relaxed visa requirements for backpackers and tourists as part of a package announced on Thursday in a bid to unlock the “economic powerhouse” in the north.

China has backed the deal saying its trade arrangement with Australia will facilitate Chinese investment in farms and infrastructure in the region [...]

Article – Massive Gilbert River Agri-development Gets QLD Govt Support

by 8 July 2015

5 June 2015 Beef Central

The outlook for the proposed $1.98 billion Etheridge Integrated Agricultural development on the Gilbert River catchment in Queensland’s north is looking more optimistic after the Palaszczuk Labor government signed a memorandum of understanding for the project to proceed – provided environmental impact assessments first give the all clear.

Read the full article here.

Courtesy of Beef Central

Article – ‘Elite Chinese meat market beckons’

by 8 July 2015

13 June 2015 Andrea Crothers Queensland Country Life

BURGEONING opportunities for Queensland beef and lamb producers to leverage branded meat products in premium Chinese markets have been re-emphasised in a research report published by the University of Queensland.

The report, Premium Australian Meat in Chinese Food Service: A Study in Shanghai & Hong Kong, was delivered on Friday by six final-year UQ School of Agriculture and Food Sciences agribusiness students, who had completed the market [...]

Article – Australia must go north

by 8 July 2015

17 June 2015 Matthew Canavan North West Star

THE Australian government will soon announce its Northern Australia white paper.

It is the first time in decades that a government has focused on developing a new frontier of our nation.

PHOTO: Senator Matt Canavan at the Gracemere Saleyards with livestock agents Ken McCaffrey and Brad Mulvihill.

Already it has created a sort of Brisbane line in reverse.

Cities and towns are now desperate to be above [...]

Article – The age of northern Australia

by 6 July 2015

18 June 2015 Colin Bettles The Land

THE Abbott government’s Northern Development White Paper will outline a plan and funding for a dedicated agricultural research facility to pursue commercially-focused opportunities specific to the region’s needs.

The long-anticipated white paper will be unveiled at launches in Canberra today and in Cairns, Queensland, tomorrow, highlighting significant initiatives aimed at bolstering agricultural productivity, like water and transport infrastructure.

It’s understood the Cairns event will be attended by the [...]

Article – Tony Abbott’s northern Australia development plan will help NT play ‘catch up’, Adam Giles says

by 6 July 2015

29 June 2015 Nadia Daly ABC News

The NT Chief Minister says Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s vision for northern Australia “isn’t rhetoric” and will help the Northern Territory “play catch up” to the rest of the country.

Speaking after the Prime Minister released his 20-year-plan for the north of Australia, Adam Giles said it was “a sign” the NT and Canberra were on the same path.

“Today, in seeing the Prime Minister deliver the white paper [...]

Article – Outback Queensland roads to get priority development under northern Australia plan

by 6 July 2015

19 June 2015 Allyson Horn ABC News

Queensland’s outback roads have been singled out for priority development under the Federal Government’s plan to grow northern Australia.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott made the announcement while unveiling the Government’s long-awaited white paper for developing northern Australia, including $1.2 billion in federal funding for everything from roads and water infrastructure to tropical medicine.

About $600 million would be spent on improving roads across the north, with major routes including the [...]