Availability of Books by Mrs. Gina Rinehart

by 21 January 2016

From Red Tape to Red Carpet And Then Some by Gina Rinehart

For your copy please email Nina Lohanatha from the Institute of Public Affairs nlohanatha@ipa.org.au

From Red Tape to Red Carpet and Then Some is also available for immediate download for Kindle devices on Amazon. Click Here to Buy it now for only $6.50















Article – Australia: Northern pivot

by 21 January 2016

28 December 2015 Steve Johnson and Jamie Smyth Financial Times

Terry O’Connor beams with the air of a proud parent at the 17 hectares of freshly reclaimed land lying fallow. The chief executive of the port of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory has been handed the job of overseeing the ambitious expansion plans of China’s Landbridge Group, which in October paid A$506m (US$368m) for a 99-year lease to operate and develop the facility.

If all [...]

Article – Start-up North Korea?

by 7 January 2016

3 December 2015 Rachel Cunliffe CapX

North Korea usually only makes the news due to renewed military aggression, or when a defector publishes an account of their escape. Rarely is there any positive news coming out of the most isolated economy in the world.

But today, the Washington Post reports on a hopeful new development in the Hermit Kingdom: the establishment of 20 “economic zones”, where residents will be allowed to experiment with capitalism.

And they are [...]