Article – Best and brightest of Australian Mining at 2015 Prospect Awards

by 24 February 2016

3 November 2015 Ben Hagemann Australian Mining

The 2015 Australian Mining Prospect Awards were a grand success last Friday, with a range of Australia’s most innovative and productive miners and service providers recognised for their achievements.

Doray Minerals’ Andy Well was named Overall Mine of the Year, a mine which has made Doray one of the highest grade and highest margin gold producers in the country.

Hard Rock Mine of the Year went to CMOC [...]

IPA Speech by Professor Ian Plimer

by 24 February 2016

23 January 2016 Ian Plimer

The Institute of Public Affairs should not exist! There is no reason why we should have in a Western democratic society an organisation to protect freedom, liberty, free trade, democracy and our Western values. It is an Institute of Common Sense, an unnecessary organisation. It is only necessary because we have had a long process of erosion of our society. Marxism as a political system failed in the Soviet Union [...]