WA mining ‘saved the national economy’

by 29 April 2020


Article by Sarah Ison courtesy of the West Australian

So many opportunities

by 29 April 2020

Excerpt article by Alan Jones courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

Gina Rinehart had to get over 4000 regulatory approvals — permits, licenses, you name it, over 4000. How can we seriously talk about productivity? Yet the opportunities are out there, waiting for us. We just lack the vision, I hate the word, and the will to grab these opportunities by the throat. Central to our future must be water Every impediment is placed in the [...]

Anzac Day | Lest we forget

by 25 April 2020

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Sky News: US investment and improved technology key to the success of business in Australia

by 24 April 2020

































Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart says she would like to see Australia “welcome US investment” to improve the “sustainability, safety, productivity and competitiveness” of Australian businesses. Ms Rinehart said she initially needed “to borrow more than US seven billion [...]

Coronavirus crisis: WA mining magnate Gina Rinehart calls for greater Australian self-sufficiency after COVID-19

by 23 April 2020

Article by Daniel Newell courtesy of The West Australian

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed weaknesses in Australia’s supply chains and emphasised the need for the country to become more self-sufficient, says WA mining magnate Gina Rinehart.

Ms Rinehart said as well as producing our own hospital equipment and medical supplies, Australia also needed to become less reliant on overseas manufacturers to meet Australia’s vital defence needs.

“We cannot rely on parts from overseas. [...]

Rinehart calls for tax reform, less red tape

by 23 April 2020

Article by Ticky Fullerton courtesy of the Australian


Major tax reform and cutting red tape is imperative if Australia is to attract the investment to help it recover from COVID-19.


That’s the message from mining magnate Gina Rinehart in an exclusive interview to be aired tonight on Sky News’s The Alliance.


It follows the unusually prescriptive comments from RBA governor Philip Lowe on Wednesday that the government [...]

Resilient iron ore sector a shining light in troubled times

by 22 April 2020

Editorial courtesy of The West Australian

The resources sector has long been the State and the nation’s economic powerhouse.

And in this time of crisis, with unemployment lines lengthening and governments spending buckets of money at a great rate in a bid to save jobs and limit the economic damage from COVID-19 shutdowns, it is more apparent than ever how much we need the sector.

The revenue which flows into WA as a [...]

Lest we forget

by 18 April 2020

Billionaire Gina Rinehart gives Royal Flying Doctor Service $6 million for coronavirus fight

by 11 April 2020

Article by Paul Starick courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

Lifesaving ventilators will be installed in all Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft across central and eastern Australia, thanks to a $6 million donation from billionaire Gina Rinehart.

Billionaire Gina Rinehart is funding the installation of ventilators, intravenous pumps, more cardiac monitors and other lifesaving equipment on all Royal Flying Doctor Service aircraft and bases across central and eastern Australia, with a $6 [...]