National Food Plan lacks vision for northern agriculture

by 27 July 2012

The National Food Plan green paper released last Tuesday shows that the federal government is completely lacking in vision when it comes to Northern Australia. Released earlier this month, the paper again ignored any possibility of developing the region’s agricultural potential, which could feed a growing Asian population to our north. (more…)

When will North-West Australia have a permanent naval base?

by 30 June 2012

Australia’s North West Coast continues to be left devoid of any permanent naval bases despite being home to so much of the nation’s natural wealth.


Welcome to the new Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision blog!

by 5 June 2012

Welcome to our new website and to our new blog.

On this blog and website, we want to give you an opportunity to participate in building and shaping our future.

Australian politics has suffered from a lack of vision and no clear plans for nation-building. Our aim is to advocate for positive advancement and development of Northern Australia.


Unemployed Greeks seek opportunities in Darwin

by 27 May 2012

There are reports emerging since the weekend that Darwin is seeing an influx of Greek migrants fleeing the debt-ridden eurozone economy in search of new economic opportunities for themselves and their families. (more…)

63% of Australians think North Australia will benefit from more people

by 25 May 2012

Newspoll: 63% of Australians think North Australia will benefit from more people

In a landmark Newspoll conducted exclusively for the Institute of Public Affairs, 63% of Australians said that increasing the population of North Australia would be a good thing for the area. Only 15% said that a higher population would be bad for North Australia.

Clearly public opinion is firmly on the side of a higher population in North Australia. (more…)

BHP sounds the same warning as ANDEV

by 17 May 2012

17 May 2012

BHP Billiton Chairman Jac Nasser has confirmed what Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision has been saying for over eighteen months.

At an Australian Institute of Company Directors lunch in Sydney yesterday, Mr Nasser described Australia as “one of the higher-cost countries in the world” for mining. He warned that if input costs in the resources sector remain high and the regulatory environment uncertain, BHP would move investment offshore. (more…)