Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart, “Greetings from the lucky country (?)” – Australian Resources and Investment

12 June 2013

Australia has relied on its resources for its prosperity for a long time, especially during the last six years of record commodity prices. We started being called ‘the lucky country’ decades ago, when we rode of the sheep’s back; but now the country is riding on the back of the miners and related industries. 

I repeatedly refer to ‘related industries’, because mines don’t just sit there out in the bush, cut off from everything else. [...]

Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart – “Rupert Murdoch’s outstanding address” – Quadrant Online

19 April 2013

There is a day I enjoyed a few days ago, April 4, 2013, that perhaps your readers would find of interest.

Briefly, it started in Tokyo, where I had a very good meeting with senior executives, who told me they were pleased they expected Australia would this year be coming out of years of poor government, years that have not developed a good image for our country. Being my executives’ and my first visit to [...]

Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart – “Australia the next Europe” – Australian Resources and Investment Magazine

12 March 2013

A friend of mine sent me some Christmas reading – an article from The Spectator Australia, written by Senator Barnaby Joyce. With kind permission from Barnaby, I quote from much of it here, given the import of its content to Australia.

 ’Many have come to the conclusion that without a job you wit[ not be emitting much carbon and poverty as policy is best left to the clergy. The sad thing for Australia is that we have managed to get ourselves [...]

Article – Mrs Gina Rinehart – “Changes we need to make our country rich” – Australian Resources and Investment Magazine

7 December 2012

Over the last few years, I have become increasingly concerned about the direction of Australia. I have written of my concerns in Australian Resources and Investment on the basis that they would not change what I was saying. With other concerned people, I also founded Australians for Northern Development and Economic Vision (ANDEV), which aims for policies to invigorate our sparsely populated north has an engine for growth, revenue and opportunities.

On 22 November this [...]

Article – Special Economic Zone – Daily Mercury, Mackay

29 September 2012

By George Christensen, Member for Dawson

Calls for a North Queensland special economic zone are worthy of support but the concept must include cutting red tape and offering incentives like tax breaks for business and greater zonal rebates for taxpayers.

North Queensland has been seeking a fair share for years.

The mining boom is benefiting from regional Australia but it is not regional Australia that benefits from the mining boom.

The councils are to be [...]

Article – Special Report: Plan financing to cope with price swings ahead – Australian Financial Review

25 September 2012

Yield, even low yield, will be the catchcry for resources companies, writes Jeremy Chunn.

In the boom time, everyone wanted to do it their way. With iron ore at $US180 a tonne and thermal coal at $US150 a tonne, resources projects were “gold-plated”. Miners could afford to throw money around and lenders didn’t mind, so long as interest payments were made.

Times have changed. Now projects must be planned with costs as low as possible [...]

Article – Resources industry on brink – The West Australian

25 September 2012

New ideas needed to solve skills and wages issues, say Allan Drake-Brockman and Philip Kirchlechner

Australia’s resources industry is nearing a tipping point. A chronic skills shortage and escalating wage rates with no tangible increases in productivity combine to pose a very real risk to the viability of major projects.

The biggest challenges facing resources projects are labour availability and cost.

There is an insatiable demand for skilled labour to service numerous resource projects around [...]

Article – No quick China fix, says Rio Tinto – Sydney Morning Herald

17 September 2012

John Garnaut

THE chief executive of Rio Tinto, Tom Albanese, has dampened hopes of any fast rebound in the Chinese economy, following meetings with pessimistic Chinese business and economic policy leaders.

Mr Albanese spoke of China’s confluence of challenges after attending a World Economic Forum meeting in Tianjin, where foreign visitors were generally struck by the degree of elite political uncertainty and its impact on policy making.

Mr Albanese told the Herald China was coping with the crisis [...]

Article – Miners can adapt to tougher price competition: report – Australian Financial Review

17 September 2012

John Kehoe

The easy days of sky-high commodity prices delivering fat profits to resources companies, shareholders and federal and state governments are fast coming to an end.

China’s rapid industrialisation and a lag in mines coming into use around the world enabled commodity price rises to deliver almost half, or $44 billion, of the $93 billion in minerals revenue growth in the past five years.

Much of the success from the boom was good luck due to external forces, and [...]

Article – Minerals council issues stark warning on mining wages – The Australian

17 September 2012

Annabel Hepworth

A COST crisis threatens to stall mining mega-projects and shrink the national economy by 5 per cent unless Australia commits to controversial policies to regain its competitiveness, including loosening restrictive rules on enterprise migration agreements used to source foreign workers.

Landmark modelling to be released today by the Minerals Council of Australia and obtained by The Australian warns that labour costs in the mining industry are among the highest in the world, while rapidly soaring capital costs [...]