Article – Boom and rust in iron ore hub

by 1 November 2013

31 October 2013
Jonathan Barrett
The Australian Financial Review

Port Hedland cafe owner Ray Sampson has been looking for a one-bedroom unit that his son, who is also the cafe’s chef, can rent in the post-mining boom property market.

“The agents said the old tenants paid $1600 a week,” Mr. Sampson said. “I got them down to $850. It’s a good thing prices are down, but I think it still needs to come down further.”

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Port Hedland property prices AFR 31 Oct 2013

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  1. Clearly there is a real need for movable housing alternatives to allow young families to take advantage of the well paid jobs without being , To put it bluntly , Ripped off on rents, A case of have Donga will travel . This can cut the cost of fly in fly out workers , Government needs to make an appropriate number of sites available and the necessary facilities to make it liveable , We are talking about Port Headland here , It’s not like it opened up yesterday or is likely to move on any time soon.