Article – Fluoro man fishes for Tassie vote

by 9 August 2013

August 9, 2013 Andrew Tillett The West Australian

Tony Abbott’s campaign-of-cliche roadshow rolled into northern Tasmania yesterday, promising to take the Apple Isle out of the economic basket case.

Fluoro colours may have fallen out of fashion about the same time the Berlin Wall came down but Mr Abbott is doing his best to bring them back into popularity, spending his fourth day running surrounding himself with the high-vis set.

Another theme emerging to his [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 28/06/13

by 28 June 2013

The Australian

Australia’s resources sector has welcomed Kevin Rudd’s return by warning him not to consider making any changes to the mining tax, instead urging new policies to help secure productivity gains in an attempt to offset the tough market conditions created by falling commodity prices. Bill Beament, managing director of gold producer Northern Star, said the mining tax was a “disastrous policy that raised nothing and created so much uncertainty… To think you’d [...]

Article – Answering call of the wild north – Paul Syvret, The Courier Mail

by 26 June 2013

Grand schemes

Great open spaces of northern Australia are again calling southern politicians full of big ideas and little understanding of the land.

GO NORTH and open up our underdeveloped tracts of land that lie, waiting, pregnant with possibility.

Build us a foodbowl, centres of industry and excellence; secure our vast and gaping northern borders and put the stamp of man and progress on the closest thing the world has left to terra nullius.

It [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 21/06/13

by 21 June 2013

The Australian

Tony Abbott has announced the Coalition’s Developing North Australia policy in Townsville, pledging that his government would implement a raft of measures to fast-track development across the North, turning it into a “thriving, strong and prosperous tourism, food bowl, medical and Asian trading mecca” if elected. The policy plan involves lower personal and business tax rates, government relocation subsidies and investment incentives to encourage a major population shift across the region.  “No [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 14/06/13

by 14 June 2013

The Australian

Richard Sellers, director-general of Western Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum, has defended the environmental record of the shale gas industry. While there has been concern raised regarding fracking practices, Sellers noted these methods had been used for decades in Western Australia with no environmental issues.

The US Energy Information Agency has released a report this week claiming that shale-based resources increase the world’s total potential oil reserves by 11 per [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 07/06/13

by 7 June 2013

The Australian

In a report released this week, the Australian Council of Learned Academies estimated Australia’s undiscovered shale gas reserves could double to over 1000 trillion cubic feet, but development costs could be high given most reserves are located in remote areas that lack existing infrastructure. “Shale gas in Australia will not be cheap, but it is likely to be plentiful and has the potential to be an economically very important additional energy source,” [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 31/05/2013

by 31 May 2013

The Australian

Royal Dutch Shell chief executive Peter Voser has called on the government to implement improved tax and regulatory frameworks within the resources sector to allow Australia’s existing pipeline of investments to be developed, particularly as global demand for liquefied natural gas doubles over the next decade. “The policy decisions made today will have a profound effect on your economy and society,” Voser said.

New research from McKinsey & Company shows that ]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 24/05/2013

by 24 May 2013

The Australian

According to a Newspoll conducted in the week before the federal budget, a huge ninety-six per cent of all Australians believe the mining industry is important to the economy and a further sixty-nine per cent view the mining industry favourably. “I think every person understands that the resources industry is vital to our economic wellbeing and ultimately everybody benefits from a successful resources sector in terms of income, jobs and government revenue,” [...]

North Australia Weekly Digest – 17/05/2013

by 17 May 2013

The Australian

Glencore Xstrata’s head of global coal assets Peter Freyberg has warned that the coal industry is being “smashed” in Australia. Freyberg said a significant portion of the coal industry was loss-making, and cost-cutting was now a matter of survival in Australia’s unstable investment and policy environment. “Instead of supporting one of Australia’s largest export industries, policymakers at both state and federal level have imposed additional costs, taxes and other burdens at a [...]

North Australia Digest – 10/05/2013

by 10 May 2013

The Australian

Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh has urged the government to provide fiscal and regulatory stability ahead of the upcoming federal budget. Walsh marked growing concerns that several arrangements that apply to miners, including tax structures, will come under fire given the projected revenue shortfall. “What we and others need in business is stability… We need to be in a competitive environment,” Walsh said. “Stable fiscal and regulatory frameworks provide the foundation [...]