2030 Vision for Developing Northern Australia, Parliament House Darwin

A Symposium with a focus on education and training

ACPET invites all interested stakeholders to participate in a one-day symposium at Parliament House in Darwin on Monday 26 May to discuss and debate the education, training and workforce priorities towards 2030.
Your contributions at this symposium will be pivotal in the drafting of a submission to the Federal Government’s Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia. This committee is accepting submissions to assist an inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia.
The NT Government submission to the Select Committee stated that (page 13 of the submission)
a strong education sector is essential for long term population growth, with education a key consideration for families and individuals… Education is a key enabler for economic and social growth. With the Territory’s proximity to Asia and existing experience in attracting and educating foreign students, the Territory is well placed to host increasing numbers of fee paying International students.
The symposium is open to all interested parties and delegates together with a number of experts, government officials and industry leaders that will challenge participants to identify strategies that will drive growth in the Top End.
This is not a session to celebrate what has been achieved, or to lament what has failed, but rather to provide participants with a blue sky opportunity to look beyond the horizon, and the dust, and to identify options that can make a very real difference.
Interested in contributing to the discussion? Click here to Register online and join us on the day. Registration (incl. GST) ACPET Members $90 and Non-members $120.
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If you have difficulties registering, please contact Lorena on 08 9227 0437