It is a common myth that much of this area is uninhabitable. With the right policies, there is the potential for huge population growth and the expansion of towns and cities.  Some of the most productive agricultural and resource rich soil exists in this region and yet it is largely under-developed.

Facts about Northern Australia


45 per cent of Australia is contained in the region shown on the map above and yet only 5 per cent of the nation’s population lives in this area.

Skills shortages

In 2010, only 45 per cent of vacancies in the resource sector were filled, which includes jobs such as geologists and mining engineers.

Emerging competitors 

The cost difference of sending a tonne of coal from Brazil to China, compared to Australia to China, is set to fall from $US25 to $US10.

Regulatory burden

In 2005, the Australian Chamber of ECommerce and Industry calculated the cost of regulation on the Australian economy as 10.2% of GDP.


50 per cent of Australia’s total annual rainfall falls in Northern Australia.

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