ANDEV Chair statement

Having spent some time in Europe, and asking questions in its various countries, “how do you see your country getting out of its economic problems?”  and repeatedly listening to  very sad and concerned people responding,  “we don’t see a way out for our country, its unemployment, high taxes…” , and similar, I am ecstatic to hear that in Australia, both major political groups, are beginning to look to the future for our country.  The recognition that our north could thrive with less taxes and less regulation, is very exciting!
For those who think less taxes aren’t important to economic growth, just look at what happened when sir Joh Bjelke Petersen when premier of Queensland eliminated death duties in Queensland, many migrated to Queensland, and billions of dollars were invested in new accomodation and facilities. Sir Joh became Queensland’s longest serving premier, and despite no record resource boom and consequent increased revenue that Australia has enjoyed these  last five or six years, when Sir Joh left office, he left no debt and cash in kitty.  And eventually, all the other states dropped death duty too.
For those who grizzle, “oh less tax in the north, and less regulation, that’s not fair on our state” , all I can say is, “copy”!  “Or, go north, of course! ”
Congratulations all involved, and please deliver exciting lower tax, lower regulation policies for our north, as our country truly needs some positive action to get us out of debt and help our future. And we, are fortunate to have an enthusiastic, terrific chief minister in the Northern Territory, and great people in our north, so lets make this happen!
All best, Gina