Article – Abbott To Pour Resources Into The North

The Coalition is set to pour resources into the under populated north, with the Coalition announcing it plans to build major cities at Darwin, Cairns, Townsville and Karratha. There could also be relocation incentives such as income tax cuts to lure people north. The policies also look at moving Commonwealth Departments such as the CSIRO and the quarantine service from southern capitals to the north. If Tony Abbott becomes PM he says he will pack infrastructure, jobs and services into the underpopulated north and turn it into an entry portal for Asian business and trade. The coalition will also concentrate on extracting oil and gas adding $150bn to the economy with a major focus on clean and efficient energy. The Coalition’s strategy includes development of a “food bowl” featuring premium produce to double agricultural output, and resorts which would attract 2m international tourists a year.
Abbott says the coalition wants to capitalise on Northern Australia’s existing strengths and natural advantages in agriculture, cattle, and energy as well as to seize opportunities in tourism, education and health services.

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