Article – Abbott, we're watching you

17 September 2013
Northern Territory News/Sunday Terratorian
PRIME Minister-elect Tony Abbott has announced the make-up of his new cabinet.
The most obvious thing that has got people talking is the clear gender imbalance — there is only one woman deemed good enough to get a seat in cabinet.
Deputy Liberal Leader and Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop is that woman.
There is no doubt that she is a competent and proven parliamentary performer but surely she is not the only woman available who has the skills to handle a portfolio.
While the sniping from Labor is predictable — acting leader Chris Bowen has pointed out that the cabinet of Afghanistan has more women than ours — even Liberals are criticising the lack of women at the highest level of government.
“It’s a systemic problem for our party,” said Liberal Senator Sue Boyce.
“It’s a shame that this shocking and embarrassing statistic will permanently tarnish a wonderful victory.” However there are some good points for the Territory.
Our own Senator Nigel Scullion is the new Minister for Indigenous Affairs.
And former opposition whip Warren Entsch will chair a parliamentary committee examining the development of northern Australia.
We will be watching closely to make sure that Mr Abbott’s commitments to northern Australia are honoured.
Courtesy of Northern Territory News/Sunday Terratorian