Article – AIMS wants more research to support sustainable growth of marine industries in northern Australia

2 April 2014
Jessica Nairn
ABC News
Australia’s tropical research agency says a lack of scientific information is hindering the sustainable growth of the nation’s northern marine industries.
The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) estimates the country’s marine-based industries contribute more than $42 billion to the economy and that will more than double by 2025.
In its submission to a parliamentary hearing into the development of northern Australia, AIMS has called for more investment in science to help drive the sustainable development of marine industries.
It says northern Australia’s resources are largely unexplored and poorly understood.
It says more research would help the approval and environment risk assessment process of offshore oil and gas projects.
The agency also says better long-term monitoring of the impacts of dredging would benefit both regulators and industry involved in port developments.
It also wants more research to stop sediment run-off into the Great Barrier Reef.
AIMS says any agricultural development in Queensland’s Cape York region must be carefully planned to avoid the serious decline of the reef’s health in the one sector where it remains pristine.
The hearing begins in Townsville in north Queensland today.
Courtesy of ABC News