Article – AMEC touts new Japan trade deal as way to boost mining investment

19 January 2015
ABC News
The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) says the new Japan economic trading agreement will help increase Australia’s global competitiveness as a resource provider.
After years of negotiations, the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement began last week.
The arrangement means about 97 per cent of Australian goods exported to Japan will receive preferential access or enter duty free.
AMEC CEO Simon Bennison said this agreement would increase investment opportunities in the mining sector.
“We’re in a very competitive market with other countries, I think this now makes us more competitive and encourages those financial institutions that are looking to invest in countries such as Australia [to] look at these agreements as providing a far more secure environment, therefore attracting investment,” he said.
“Offshore investors, in particular, like to see a very safe and secure environment for their investment and if governments have gone out of their way to secure trading arrangements that assist producers and explorers then they’re more encouraged to invest in those particular companies.”
Courtesy of ABC News