Article – Australia's richest woman drops in to Barnaby Joyce's party

September 7, 2013
Anne Newling
WA Today
It might have been Barnaby Joyce’s celebration party for the seat of New England but the star of the show last night at the election after-party in Tamworth was Australia’s richest woman Gina Rinehart.
The West Australian iron ore billionaire just dropped in for the political celebration – even before the result was confirmed – and it set the whole room of the dyed in the wool and the committed Nationals supporters on fire.
Mrs Rinehart was dressed in a white caftan with silver thongs – but she charmed the legs off everyone in the room.
Mrs Rinehart was described by media and the faithful as utterly charming. She spoke to journalists, she mixed with the waiting supporters and the room just buzzed.
She told journalists she’d been invited by Mr Joyce and was happy to come to Tamworth, the first time she’d ever been in the country music capital and the biggest voting bloc in the New England electorate.
Mrs Rinehart did admit she had zero mining or resources interests in the region.
Courtesy of WA Today.