Article – Chongqing Further Develops Liangjiang New Area

30 June 2014
As the first state-level new special economic development zone in inland China, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area welcomed a new batch of major project contracts on June 18. A total of 43 major projects with an investment capital of 55.1 billion yuan ($8.82 billion) are expected to settle in there.
The gross output values of the industries, fixed-asset investments, and import and export volume in Liangjiang New Area have increased by 29.0 percent, 22.7 percent and 102.7 percent respectively from January to May in 2014 compared with the previous year.
Liangjiang New Area has been strengthening the dynamism and momentum of economic growth by comprehensively deepening reform and opening up.
Chen Jianping, manager of the intellectual property department of Chongqing Haifu Medical Technology Co., Ltd., visited Liangjiang New Area on June 17th and found that the Liangjiang branches of Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, China Food and Drug Administration have been integrated into one bureau called the market and quality supervision bureau. “Now all applying procedures can be completed at one service window. How time-saving and easy it is,” said Chen.
By deepening the reform, the driving force of development and the market dynamics have been stimulated. 40 reform measures in eight areas have been taken by Liangjiang New Area in 16 fields, including finance and science.
Buying imports at the door
— The more the openness is, the larger the development space is.
In the trading center of the Chongqing bonded product exhibition, there are about 4,000 kinds of imported goods, including wine, food, cosmetics, automobiles, and so on. They can be either wholesale or retail. Many goods sold here are 20 percent or 30 percent cheaper than those outside.
Though they look similar to the ordinary stores, they have unique advantages. Firstly imported goods can have a bonded exhibition area. Then based on the actual orders, those goods are declared to the customs and transferred from the bonded areas in batches. All customs clearance fees are reduced. After the customs clearance, goods can be delivered directly to the customers, which can reduce the overall selling processes. The costs saved can offer benefits to the customers.
Focusing on the development of Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing put forward a series of new open innovation measures, promoting the construction and operation of the Chongqing-Singapore-Europe Railway ports and facilitating industrial cluster development of big data of Internet cloud computing.
General Aircraft produced by Liangjiang New Area
— High-standard lay-out, promoting the industrial upgrading simultaneously across the globe.
In the manufacturing base of the general aviation industrial park in Liangjiang New Area, Liu Hongbo and his colleagues were assembling an entire Enstrom helicopter. Cai Huiming, general manager of Tuncang General Aviation from Wuhan, ordered eight Enstrom helicopters. “We went to America to buy Enstrom previously. But now we can buy in Chongqing. Accessories and technical support are more convenient,” said Cai.
Courtesy of PRNewswire

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