Article – Developing Galilee condition of deal: Katter

4 February 2015
Business Spectator
Rob Katter says developing infrastructure in regional Queensland’s coal-rich Galilee Basin will be the key condition of any deal with the major parties on minority government in the state, The Australian Financial Review reports.
According to the newspaper, the KAP leader’s comments come after Queensland Labor vowed to scrap public funding for the coal sector’s Galilee goals proposed by the Newman Government, which included a rail line and expansion of port facilities.
“We need to get Queensland moving. There’s no point putting $5 billion into [Brisbane’s bus and train tunnel] when we need to put it into the Galilee Basin to develop 28,000 jobs,” Mr Katter said, according to The AFR.
Labor is expected to win 43 or 44 seats in the parliament, with 45 needed for a clear majority, the newspaper adds.
Courtesy of the Business Spectator