Article – Development 'bible' to 'lay foundations for future growth'

17 June 2014
Chrissy Arthur and Kate Stephens
ABC News
Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady says a “bible” for the development of north-west Queensland will highlight opportunities in the region.
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman is launching a strategic study in the city this morning.
Councillor McGrady says it is a comprehensive study looking into the region’s rich resources, agricultural and tourism sectors.
“This report which the Premier is going to launch – future generations could look back and say this is when the north-west and the Gulf Country really started to fight back,” he said.
“I describe this as the development bible for our area, because it will give us the opportunity to have more hope and more faith in the future.”
He says while the Federal Government has also focused on development in northern Australia, this study has had input from every council in the region and industry, and should encourage investment.
“This report has addressed issues in the resources sector, the agricultural sector, the tourism sector,” he said.
“It will be one of the most comprehensive reports that’s ever been commissioned in the area and it will lay the foundations for the future development and growth in the region.
“If anybody doesn’t feel a great sense of confidence once they have read this report, I just have my doubts about those individuals.”
Mr Newman says it is too early to announce state funding for any of the projects but says he is committed to making the report a “reality”.
“So what we need to do is adopt an approach where we say well what are the most important pieces of infrastructure that need to be put into the puzzle first and does that get funded by the State Government or is the private sector potentially going to be able to be involved?” he said.
“Some projects will need full state funding, others might require some sort of subsidy and others might be funded by the private sector.”
Courtesy of ABC News