Article – Finding common ground when developing northern Australia

7 May 2014
Matt Brann
ABC Rural

PHOTO: A windmill on Victory Downs Station in the Northern Territory.

The development and conservation of northern Australia was up for discussion today in Darwin, at the Northern Australia Futures Roundtable.
A crowd of about 100 attended the conference.
Andrew Campbell from Charles Darwin University, chaired the morning session and says the discussion is timely, considering the increased political rhetoric about northern development.
“It’s really about getting a whole bunch of people from a wide range of interests together, to see just how much common ground there is, about the future development of the north,” he said.
“What’s clear is that there’s not a single development model for the north at all.
“There’s some perspectives that the big project model is possibly a risky one for the north, compared to letting vibrant industry sectors evolve with their markets.”
Mr Campbell was a guest on today’s Northern Territory Country Hour. Click on the audio link to listen to the interview.

Courtesy of ABC Rural