Article – Food Boom – Michael Saunders, Northern Miner

CHARTERS Towers residents could be in line for tax breaks under an LNP Government following the Coalition’s announcement of a 17-year `vision’ for Northern Australia.
Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott released the 46-page paper on the country’s north, which highlights 12 policy options a Coalition government would consider if elected to power in September this year.
Mr Abbott said, if elected, a Coalition government would produce an official White Paper on the development of Northern Australia within 12 months.
Some of the policy options include increased infrastructure, tax zone rebates and the creation of a Water Project Development Fund to help cash in on the booming Asian market.
“We like to talk about the Asian century,” Mr Abbott said.
“If Australia is to play its part in the Asian century, that part of our country which is already the most integrated with Asia needs to be developed.”
One major idea for economic growth includes the development of a northern `food bowl’ to help double Australia’s agricultural output.