Article – Food futures: Australia looks north in search of agricultural potential

26 September 2014
ABC Rural
While big business investment in north Australian agriculture has come and gone decade after decade, it’s the minor farmers who have stayed the course.
Small crops of fruits, Asian vegetables and of course herds of cattle have been built on by several generations.
Over time, the Northern Territory mango industry has become the largest in Australia and the beef sector has boomed with the strengthening live export trade.
So how can new agricultural ventures in the north of the NT, Western Australia and Queensland survive the high costs of operation and distance to markets?
The NT Farmers Association believes any new business needs to focus on economics and markets.
It says these simple and important components to any development are often lost on big business with big money to spend.
A conference to be held in Darwin on the 3rd of November this year is aiming to generate more discussion on these crucial elements, as well as focus any future policy.
ABC Rural is a proud support partner of the 2014 Northern Australia Food Futures conference.
You can find out more information about the conference here.
Courtesy of ABC Rural