Article – Food Futures heads to NT

10 May 2014
North Queensland Register
With the countdown on to the release of the Federal Government’s White Paper on Developing Northern Australia, it is timely that the inaugural Northern Australia Food Futures conference will be held November 4-5 2014, at the Darwin Convention Centre.
The Conference will focus on how positive development of Northern Australia can be achieved by bringing together a wide array of stakeholders to discuss successful business models.
Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries, Mr Willem Westra van Holthe said Northern Australia’s agricultural industries had the potential to grow and expand to be one of the most important food producing areas in Australia and a major export earner.
“Major projects have been trialed, started and stopped many times in the past and Northern Australia Food Futures aims to provide a meeting point for engaged northern farmers, companies and government to capture the best ideas for development by taking heed of past success and failures,” said Mr Westra van Holthe.
“It’s very pleasing to see this forum supported by others states and the Commonwealth government.”
NT Farmer’s Association CEO Grant Fenton says the idea of a conference was initiated by a group of successful North Australian farmers who wanted to influence strategic policies and take advantage of new and emerging markets.
“Food Futures is coming into full swing around a time in which the various Governments are constructing their approach to take on Northern Agriculture, so this makes it an opportune time to engage in productive debate on food production in Northern Australia” he said.
Food Futures Conference organisers have brought together key thinkers from around Australia and internationally to join in on panel discussions and share their experiences and knowledge with participants.
Speakers include Bob Dall’Alba, Executive Director of Olam Australia (QLD) and Jim Engleke from Kimberley Agricultural Investments who will discuss their role in the development of Ord stage 2 in WA as well as long established and innovative producers such as Rob Boshammer (Ord Chia) and Gavin Scurr (Pinata mangos) will pass on their knowledge about farming in Northern Australia.
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