Article – Gina backs driver

6 September 2013
The Advertiser
SEMI-reclusive billionaire Gina Rinehart says politicians should sell all taxpayer-funded art, reject clean energy programs, and let non-violent criminals pay to stay out of jail.
She also called for a national day to celebrate mining.
Mrs Rinehart declined an interview with News Corp Australia on the eve of the election, but forwarded her latest article from Australian Resources Investment magazine.
In the article, “Learning from my Europe trip”, Mrs Rinehart told of a driver she encountered in Amsterdam, who claimed the Dutch people regretted using clean energy, such as wind power farms.
“He said people in Holland now wished … they’d stayed with the old,” she wrote.Mrs Rinehart, who did not overtly back an Abbott government in the article, said she admired Ireland’s 12.5 per cent company tax rate (compared with Australia’s 30 per cent rate, or 28.5 per cent under Mr Abbott) and wrote favourably of Hong Kong’s 15 per cent top personal tax rate.
Courtesy of The Advertiser