Article – Govt to release northern Australia paper

5 June 2014
Australian Associated Press
The federal government will next week release a blueprint for the development of northern Australia.
The coalition at the 2013 election promised to produce a white paper on the issue within 12 months of taking office.
In the lead-up to this, Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss will release a green paper for public discussion in Townsville next Tuesday.
“We will be looking at the broader opportunities for development in northern Australia,” Mr Truss told parliament on Thursday.
Mr Truss will on the same day release a feasibility study into a baseload power station in the Pentland area west of Townsville.
The study, involving Guildford Coal Ltd and Mackay Sugar Ltd, was initiated in April 2013 by the Labor government.
The government’s northern Australia policy review is aimed at doubling Australia’s agricultural output and growing tourism and energy exports.
Initial work has involved the premiers of Queensland and Western Australia and the chief minister of the Northern Territory.
Courtesy of Australian Associated Press