Article – Green paper 'a waste'

11 June 2014
Chris Burns
The North West Star
IT MIGHT be expected the leader of Katter’s Australian Party would support the green paper on developing northern Australia.
But the federal member for Kennedy Bob Katter instead believes the green paper is a way for the federal government to waste time.
“A report is a decision not to make a decision,” Mr Katter said.
The green paper lists the items that should be brought up in the white paper of developing northern Australia.
An advisory group that will suggest ways to develop northern Australian was announced on Tuesday.
Mr Katter disagreed with the need for an advisory group, whose members do appear to have strong Liberal ties.
It is not surprising Mr Katter is against the advisory group.

One of the ten members is Noeline Ikin, a Liberal candidate who almost defeated Mr Katter in the last federal election.

Mr Katter seemed more concerned about the Dalrymple Scheme, also released in Townsville on Tuesday, which focused on water and electricity supply in northern Australia.
The Dalrymple Scheme was formally named the Pentland Project.
“That the renaming of the project from Pentland is an indication of political agenda,” he said.
Mr Katter was against the paper, which included the suggestion that a coal-fired power station in north Queensland was needed.
“Whether it’s green paper, white paper or toilet paper, it’s not really worth the paper it’s on,” Mr Katter said.
Courtesy of The North West Star