Article – Griffith Council offers developer discount in bid to stimulate local economy

7 July 2014
ABC News

PHOTO: The Griffith City Council is hoping by offering a discount to developers on fees, it can help stimulate the local economy.

The Griffith City Council is taking the unusual step of offering a discount to developers.
It follows criticism of the council’s response to a lull in local economic activity.
The council has begun advertising a 25 per cent reduction in the cost of a construction certificate, if it is lodged at the same time as a development application.
Mayor, John Dal Broi, says the incentive for developers aims to generate activity in the local community.
“We are going out there now with this campaign, saying ‘Ok, do you want to build a garage or a home or even a warehouse?’, he said.
“Here is an opportunity for you to save some money and get on with construction.
“It has the effect of putting people in work with tradies, plumbers, brickies or whatever and that is the main area we are trying to stimulate.”
Councillor Dal Broi says more initiatives are planned.
“Now this will be the very first of many campaigns that we are going to run to try and stimulate the economy in Griffith,” he said.
“You must recall that some years ago that Griffith was one of the fastest growing local government areas in New South Wales, so it will be difficulty to get to that height again but we are certainly going to give it a good shot.”
Councillor Dal Broi says the council plans to keep the discount in place for 12 months as well as introduce other measures to get the local economy moving.
“We are looking at alleviating some of the costs of development, and there will be more,” he said.
“We will be making an announcement shortly in regards to Section 94A contributions and how we are going to make that much easier for developers also.”
Courtesy of ABC News

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