Article – Kidman head office welcomes first visit from new Chairman Mrs. Rinehart

Today I was very delighted to receive a very warm welcome from the Kidman staff on my staffs and my  first visit to the Kidman Headquarters in Adelaide.

I am delighted on behalf of not only our company group, but also my mother, who was very proud of her father, James Nicholas a long term friend and business partner of Sidney Kidman.

As the new Chairman of S. Kidman and Co, following many Kidman chairs over the 117 years of Kidman,  I received an executive briefing, and tour, and was presented with an iconic Kidman branding iron, which was explained by the Kidman managing director, Greg Campbell, was the historic symbol of the handing over of Kidman. My staff and I then joined in the Annual Kidman Christmas celebrations, where many happy Kidman Christmas wishes were given.

My staff and I look forward to working with the team in Adelaide and the managers on the stations to understand their ideas to build and improve the Kidman business.
I’m especially looking forward, weather permitting, to my first visit to the Kidman stations, in January.

Media Release from Hancock Prospecting, 22nd December 2016.

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