Article – Landry urges leaders to keep pushing for Fitzroy food bowl

15 January 2014
The Morning Bulletin

Michelle Landry is urging leaders to support a food bowl for the Fitzroy corridor.

MICHELLE Landry has urged civic leaders pushing the development of a food bowl in the Fitzroy to make a submission to a federal inquiry into the development of Northern Australia.
The Member for Capricornia (pictured) said she welcomed any project that would advance agricultural business in the region and create domestic growth, export opportunities and local jobs.
Ms Landry recently advocated bold vision to be restored to Capricornia communities. She said that if the Fitzroy Agricultural Corridor proved viable, it would certainly “fit the bill”.
The Australian Parliament’s Northern Australia Committee has started an inquiry into the development of future economic growth in areas including agriculture, defence and tourism.
“The committee is considering policies for developing parts of Australia which lie north of the Tropic of Capricorn,” Ms Landry said.
“A food bowl project in the Fitzroy Agricultural Corridor should be included in such an inquiry to ensure the concept is on the table if potential government funding is sourced in the future.
“I am advised that the Rockhampton Regional Council should put forward a submission to the inquiry as an important potential project and I have provided information on the inquiry to council representatives.”
Ms Landry is a member of the parliamentary standing committee on agriculture and industry.
“Certainly the Fitzroy River is one of the largest catchment areas of its type in the country and any concept like this would greatly add to the region’s investment diversity,” she said.
Courtesy of the Morning Bulletin