Article – Mackay Port touted as future mine industry distribution hub ahead of cargo facility expansion

21 July 2015
Melissa Maddison
ABC News

North Queensland Bulk Ports says Mackay is well-placed to become a distribution hub for the mining industry.

More than $10 million has been allocated in the state budget for a ‘break bulk cargo’ facility at the Port of Mackay.

Jeff Stewart-Harris said it would allow large items, like mining machinery, to be imported and worked on before being taken to site.

He said it was a niche market that Mackay was ideally suited to service.

“It’s reasonably unique. From a road transport point of view, Mackay has some significant competitive advantages over other ports, particularly into the Bowen Basin,” he said.

“What we’re trying to do is grow that trade and support and make more efficient the supply chains that support the inbound equipment that produces the mining output.”

He said despite the downturn, there was still demand for such a facility.

“Obviously during the quiet times is the time to do this sort of planning and this sort of development work ahead of the next waves of maintenance contracts and changes in operations,” he said.

“Even things as simple as tyres going to the mines and potential for the used ones to come back is a supply chain that makes absolute sense out of the Port of Mackay.”

Courtesy of ABC News

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