Article – Major projects in the pipeline to boost remote areas of the Northern Territory

22 October 2014
Matt Brann
ABC Rural
The Northern Territory Chief Minister has used a conference in Darwin to spruik the ‘major projects’ that could change the fortunes of those living in regional and remote areas.
Speaking at the fifth annual Major Projects Conference, Adam Giles said there was ‘unlimited scope for growth’ in the NT.
From the 16 projects in the Territory which have been granted ‘major project status’, Chief Minister Giles said he was most keen to talk about the plan to pipe gas from the Northern Territory to the eastern states of Australia.
The ambitious project has only recently been granted major project status and Mr Giles told delegates at the conference that it was a “project of national significance” that could “help improve Australia’s energy security”.
He said the Territory had estimated gas reserves of 240 trillion cubic feet and the building of a pipeline network to the east would create activity worth more than $1 billion.
Adam Giles said the gas pipeline project would importantly create jobs and economic development in regional and remote areas of the Territory.
Creating opportunities in the bush was the theme of Mr Giles’ speech as he went on to talk about the proposed salt mine near Alice Springs, “which ticked all the right boxes” for its major project status.
And while the proposal to seal the Tanami Road is not listed under major projects, Mr Giles said it was in his top three infrastructure projects for the Northern Territory ‘and something which should be done’.

Existing and proposed gas pipelines
Courtesy of ABC Rural