Article – Northern Australia has potential to boost economic development

31 March 2014
Andrea Davy
Whitsunday Times
THE Australian Parliament’s Northern Australia Committee has rolled out the first public hearing in Mackay this morning.
Committee Chair Warren Entsch said this was an important phase of the inquiry.
The Committee will conduct five public hearings, receiving evidence from more than 35 organisations and individuals and inspecting a number of projects between Mackay, Townsville and near Mt Isa.
“Northern Australia has great potential to boost Australia’s economic development and significantly contribute to our exports,” Mr Entsch said.
“The Committee will be seeking to identify ways to unlock this potential as well as identifying key projects of merit.”
There will be an open microphone segment for members of the public at 3.30pm.
The forum is being held at the Mackay Resort Hotel on Nebo Rd.
Courtesy of the Whitsunday Times