Article – Rinehart calls for action against wind power

6 September 2013
Sarah-Jane Tasker
The Australian
AUSTRALIA’S richest woman — Gina Rinehart — has urged people to speak out against wind power and for the country to address its debt by getting non-violent prisoners to pay to avoid jail and for governments to sell their art and decor.
Ms Rinehart, in her latest article in Australian Resources and Investment magazine, used a conversation she had with a Dutch cab driver to lead her argument about concerns around the use of renewable energy.
“He (cab driver) advised that most people now don’t like the higher taxes due to building such new power, and especially don’t like the increased power costs out of their own pockets, and also the consequences to industry, with industries closing down in Holland and moving elsewhere,” she said. “He said people in Holland now wished they hadn’t incurred these cleaner power burdens.
“Shouldn’t we be speaking out and letting our politicians know?”
Calling for politicians to vigilantly cut unnecessary spending and promising too much, Mrs Rinehart questioned whether ministers or others in government departments should be buying artwork for their offices.
She also highlighted a model used in Texas, where non-violent prisoners pay to get out of prison or not enter prison as a new source of revenue.
Courtesy of The Australian