Article – Rinehart wants business to "speak up"

28 November 2014

Mining billionaire Gina Rinehart has called on business leaders to speak up against government regulations she says are making it harder for Australia to compete.

Speaking at CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards on Thursday night, Australia’s richest person said fellow business leaders needed to do more to lobby the federal government to cut red tape.
“Every business represented in this room is affected by government-imposed costs and paperwork, and this is making it harder for this country to compete,” she told the Sydney crowd.

“I know regulations are a problem we have, but I am all just one voice and more need to speak up and tell our leaders in Canberra we need action on cutting regulation and not platitudes.”

Ms Rinehart has long railed against the high cost of regulations on business which, she says, puts Australia at a disadvantage against Asian neighbours.
She previously has also called for Australia to lower its minimum wage to stimulate employment.
Ms Rinehart’s comments follow a call from Prime Minister Tony Abbott this week for businesses to help sell the government’s economic agenda as it continues to struggle to get key budget measures through the Senate.
Courtesy of the AAP