Article – Securing a strong future for Northern Australia

19 June 2015

“The Federal Government’s White Paper on Developing Northern Australia recognises the enormous potential Australia’s north holds for regional communities, investment in industry and the flow-on economic benefits for all Australians,” said Simon Bennison, Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC), CEO.

“The White paper has taken on board many of AMEC’s recommendations and is a good starting point.

“Industry supports simpler land access arrangements, lowering business costs, reducing red tape, reducing Native Title costs and delays, and funding for infrastructure.

“The Government’s plan to ensure all existing native title claims are settled as soon as possible would be a terrific outcome for Indigenous Australians and industry. This would provide much needed certainty and clarity on claims, some of which have been ongoing for decades.

“However AMEC has concerns that some of the recommendations in the report may not simplify land access arrangements or reduce native title costs and delays.

“The new $600 million roads package to improve key roads in the north is badly needed.

“The $5 billion Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility should increase mobility to unlock the economic potential of the north.

“AMEC will work with the State, Territory and Federal Governments on the key areas identified in the White Paper to ensure any changes improve business conditions for investment in Northern Australia.

“Government representatives from Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia will be speaking at the AMEC Convention in Perth next week. Shadow Minister for Resources, Hon. Gary Gray will also be speaking at the Convention.

“The two day Convention will be exploring ways in which we can secure a strong future for the mining and mineral exploration sector in Australia,” said Mr Bennison.

Courtesy of AMEC


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