Article – Soil strategy targets research

26 March 2014
North Queensland Register

A NATIONAL strategy for targeting soil research has been released this week by Federal Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce.

Coinciding with the strategy release, Minister Joyce has also announced the reappointment of former Governor–General, Major General Michael Jeffery, as the Advocate for Soil Health in 2014.
The strategy – Securing Australia’s soil for profitable industries and healthy landscapes – is designed to ensure soils research will become more targeted and collaborative and that research will better meet the needs of farmers, according to Minister Joyce.
Some 150 different organisations from across Australia will be involved in rolling it out over the next five years.
“It’s all about providing better information and tools to our farmers, scientists and policymakers on soil use and management to assist them into the future,” Minister Joyce said in a statement.
General Jeffery will contribute to the Agriculture Competitiveness White Paper and the Northern Australia White Paper, Minister Joyce said.
The National Soil Research, Development and Extension Strategy is available at
Courtesy of the North Queensland Register